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Friday, 11 February 2011

The great Freedom Bill swindle

So it has finally arrived, the much vaunted Freedom Bill that is. It is supposed to come on the back of the much vaunted, and humiliated, website that asked you, Joe public, which intrusion into your everyday lives that the last Labour government brought to the statute books since 1997, all six thousand of them, you would like to see on the bonfire of nannyism.

Needless to say the smoking ban experiment was off limits, despite a massive assault on that disreputable site by you all asking for a repeal, or, at the very least, an amendment to it. An amendment like allowing the hospitality industry the freedom 2 choose whether they go smoke free or not, after all, it is their business we are talking about here, don't they have property rights?

Nick Clegg, an occasional smoker, has been brainwashed by the bansterbators and actually believes the fairy story that SHS kills non smokers.

The Chairman of Freedom2Choose, Phil Johnson says it as he sees it:

"The previous government obviously felt that we were all prospective criminals, so created a society of distrust. That is set to change.
The CRB situation has long needed a dramatic overhaul as we need to get those whom were happy to volunteer their valuable time and services and may now return back to doing the good work they once did.
The ID card system is to be scrapped, thank goodness. Why did born & bred British subjects need to carry a card around with them to tell them who they were? Were Labour going to set up checkpoints between north & south, east & west? ID cards were never wanted nor indeed needed.

Of course the biggest disappointment as far as Freedom2Choose are concerned is that Nanny' is not going to back off when it comes to dictating our lifestyles.

The health lobby are intruding heavily into our lives with
what we eat and what, when & how much we drink and of course smoking. All three are a matter of personal choice yet this government thinks it can save valuable NHS expenditure by limiting/reducing these activities! It is a fools paradise for  this government, or any other, that can afford a country of centenarians claiming pensions and benefits for longer periods of time than many already do! Advise-yes, educate-yes, dictate-no.

Clegg destroyed his political career in the minds of 27% of the
population in a 15 second video when he aligned repealing the smoking ban with bringing back hanging.  That didn't show any tolerance or a softer approach to what 'they' consider to be a major problem! Democracy is fairness for all-this coalition obviously does not believe in true democracy!"
Below is the video that Phil Johnson refers to.

It is no coincidence that you Nick and your party are called The Illiberal Liberal Party.


Anonymous said...

I prefer the Illeberal Undemocrats.

TheBigYin said...

Yes anon, perversly it does sound better.

Anonymous said...

In the first video Clegg agrees with Prof Nutt, but disagrees with Nutt that alcohol is a more dangerous drug than tobacco.

Angry Exile said...

This is normal for politicians calling themselves liberals anywhere. I experience regular and almost overwhelming desires to wrap the page of the dictionary defining the word 'liberal' around a cricket bat and then use it to lightly batter members of the Australian Liberals across their eyes. With a few past exceptions they've never been terribly liberal as far as I can tell, and the current lot certainly aren't, so I've begun referring to them as LINOs - Liberal In Name Only. It'd be nice if that meant that we could walk all over them but sadly it's more or less the other way around.

Anonymous said...

Junican said on Frank Davis blog:
Our hope, and it is only a hope at the moment, is that Country by Country in Europe, The People will rebel. There are good signs. Spain is in a rebellious state. Don't forget that in Spain, the police are the enforcers, but is it not true that individual police officers like a drink and a smoke just as we all do? The ban may theoretically stay in place, but be simply ignored.It seems that a bar owner in Spain had been fined 145 000 Euros. That is wonderful! Do you know why? Because, if ever there was a case of 'cruel and unusual punishment', this it it! If the bar owner has any sense, he will not accept the mere withdrawal of the fine and the substitution of a smaller fine, he will demand a million Euros compensation for his mental suffering, and take it to the top. There must be lawyers in Spain who also like a drink and a smoke who would gladly take up the case 'pro bono', if only for the publicity.

Anonymous said...

I could only watch the first few seconds......the horrible bastard.

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